Rob Pond
Managing Director
Therm-Oz Showers

I came to Australia on a business and innovation visa from the UK in 2015, with the aim to introduce Thermostatic showers to Australia. The innovation part is our patented method to replace a standard 2 tap manual shower to Thermostatic.

I have designed and patented other innovative products in the UK and our UK business still services the Plumbing merchants and DIY outlets.
Our business Therm-oz Showers has now created a new era for showers in Australia, and we supply nationally via the plumbing merchants. We now are in the process of making people aware that there is this new safer option.

If I can talk to OTs as a presentation, rather than wait for them to come to my stand, I am sure this will help our mission for sure. because we supply a product on not a service we need more people aware of our clever showers.