Curtis Palmer
Ottobock Australia

Curtis Palmer is a Business Development Manager for the Ottobock Human Mobility Team and a seasoned facilitator, having previously presented for New Zealand’s renowned disability television show, Attitude. A wheelchair user for 28+ years after a rugby league injury resulted in C6/7 quadriplegia, Curtis devoted 20+ years to the sport of wheelchair rugby before focussing his energy on giving back to the community that provided him so much.

In addition to his many years a wheelchair user, Curtis developed a high level of proficiency in the set-up of active manual wheelchairs through his 18 months working for Melrose Wheelchairs Australia. Curtis intimately knows the needs of a manual wheelchair user and has worked alongside many therapists. This characteristic is what enabled Curtis to join the Ottobck Australia Team where he was attracted to the people first approach and the values, “human, reliable, inventive,” embodied in the company.